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About me

A Digital Marketer

Hey I am Sneha an Instagram Coach, Consultant and Freelancer.

On a mission To Help Aspiring Coaches And freelancers to Build and grow their personal brand on instagram using organic Marketing strategies that sells Easily.


Why Instagram is the best social media to start a business?

Instagram has a wide range of potential audiences, which makes it an ideal social media platform to use for promoting and growing your business.

You can use Instagram to connect with clients and customers and build relationships that will help grow your business.

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Make your Instagram work for you.

Stop wasting time on Instagram.

Be found on the world's largest social media platform.


Hire me and get top-notch Instagram Coaching for your business. Stop wasting time on Instagram.


Discover how I've grown my account to over 21,000 followers w/ a unique strategy. Don't miss out on my next consulting slot.

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A Digital Marketer

With 1.5 year of Experience in Instagram Coaching

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Why Choose me as your Coach

Let me tell you in depth.

and the reasons are :

First Reason

Personal coaching and strategy according to your growth and will teach you how to survive in the long run

Second Reason

Will be always be active on Dm for your further doubt.

Third Reason

Will give you all the secrets and the bonuses which i have learned from my past mistakes and from my Coaches

Do you feel this is you?



What People Say about my program


“This program helped me to get my first paid client. In week 2, I learned about the optimization and I optimized my account according to the instruction given by our mentor and only by changing the bio I got my first paid client. Each and every lesson of this program is very powerful. If you are one who wants to build your presence on Instagram and earn money. This program is much recommended “


“I was not having the clarity on how the thing works on Instagram. I was just creating content randomly but that was not helping me but after working with Sneha, I got a lot of clarity what mistakes I was making and what exactly should be done. “

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“Growing on Instagram is Simple and Easy If done with Proper strategy”