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How to gain 10k followers on Instagram?

How to gain 10k followers on Instagram

Gaining 10k followers on Instagram is not that hard and fast rule.

It needs 2 most important thing

  1. Your Consistency
  2. Your patience

If you can do these things then growing on Instagram is so easy

Let’s go deeper on the steps to get your 10k followers on Instagram

Step 1 Have a clear niche

If you will share everything you know. You are always going to confuse yourself and your audience too.

Step 2 Know who is your target audience

You cannot help everyone and if you are helping everyone. You are helping no one.

Step 3 Create content that solves your ideal client problem

Now you know who is your ideal client, so give your 100% to solve their problem

Step 4 Be consistent in providing value

When you will provide consistent value to your audience, you will get a consistently positive response.

Step 5 Reply to DMs to build strong connection

Followers are just numbers. They are real people, help them & solve their problems and make a great connection with them.

Step 6 Post stories regularly to nurture your Instagram audience

Be personal on stories. Let your audience know the real you.

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