6 Tips to Increase the Saves on Instagram

6 Tips to Increase the Saves on Instagram

Getting more and more saves on your content on Instagram can help you a lot to grow. More saves indicate your content is performing very well, people want to see your content in the future. People save only that content which is extremely valuable for them. That one piece of content is helping them to do well in their niche. More saves mean you are building your authority in your niche, which means you will be known as the go-to expert in your niche. And what can be better than that? People are seeing you as an expert, they are trusting you and your knowledge. More the trust more will be sales and more money in your bank account. But the main question that arises is HOW TO INCREASE MORE SAVES in your content.

Increase the Saves on Instagram

These 6 ways are going to help you a lot to get more save on your Instagram content.

  1. Sticking to a particular micro niche and providing a lot of knowledge.
  2. Create a long form content, so that they save the content for future reference (It will be difficult to memorize everything at a time)
  3. Share that piece of content that your audience actually needed, solve their problems with your content
  4. Refer your insights to analyze what is working well and what is not!
  5. Post when more number of your audience is active
  6. Do not compromise with your graphics.

Let’s talk about these things more deeply.

Sticking to a particular micro-niche and provid a lot of knowledge to Increase the Saves on Instagram.

This is the most important factor while creating any type of content or even for any platform. You have to decide on a micro-niche in which you are extremely interested. You love working on that and you can help anyone who is facing a problem with that. The micro-niche is the smallest unit of any industry.

For example, Digital marketing is a macro niche and an industry there are so many niches that come under that. Like content writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, lead generation, email marketing, etc. Now, you can say that you are a digital marketer but what about your specialization? Specialization will be that niche in which you are an expert, you have worked practically on that and you have driven results for yourself or say for anyone. Practical implementation is a must. Without practical implementation, nothing is going to happen. If you want to drive more sales or you want more clients to sell your service you should have some results to show them. Then only they will trust you and your services.

Similar happens in your Instagram content. If you share content on that particular niche, people will recognize you as a go-to expert in that micro-niche.

Create long-form content, so that they save the content for future reference (It will be difficult to memorize everything at a time)

Long-form content always works the best. If you want to get a lot of results from your content, you should go for long-form content. Long-form content means any content which is wide in knowledge. You are providing more and more knowledge.

On Instagram long-form content are like your carousels (which have more than 2 slides and it can go up to 10 slides), your long caption (your caption should always belong and attention driven if your audience is not finding it interesting then that are not going to read it till the end), your Instagram Videos (create a long video with around 5 min and share tips and trick with more example and stories), your Instagram stories (Stories are the thing which people actually remember, here I am talking about the actual stories; share people your real-life examples and incidents so that they can relate with it) more the relatable content more the chances to attract the customers/ clients.

In long-form content, people cannot memorize everything at once so they are going to save it for future references. If you will get more saves Instagram will get to know that your audience likes your content and they will give more reach to that content which will result in more followers.

Share that piece of content that your audience actually needed, solve their problems with your content

Let me ask you a question, you want to lose weight but you don’t want to quit food. Now there are different creators on Instagram who are sharing their health and fitness content.

Creator 1 was named Amrita and creator 2 was named Arnav. Now they both are into the fitness niche but one is sharing tips about losing weight without diet and another one is sharing tips about losing weight with exercise methods. Now your problem is solved by the one who is sharing content on losing weight without fasting. So you will obviously go to that person. 

The same will happen to you, firstly define who is your small set of audience and always create content by keeping them in mind so that you attract only that person towards your content is paid services.

If you are proving the exact solution to their problem with your content they are going to save your Instagram content.

Refer your insights to analyze what is working well and what is not!

Have you ever wondered why we see insights? The very basic answer to this is to check our growth and that’s absolutely true. But it can go beyond this. Check your insights to see what is working and what is not.

Go to your Instagram insights to see which content is getting more saves. Is it when you shared about a tool, or your shared any personal experience, or is it about a roadmap or exactly what is it? Now try to create that type of content more and analyze. Create proper content pillars from your content. Do not share the same kind of content always have a variety of content. Because if you will share one type of content, people will get bored of you.

Provide each type of content whether it is entertainment, informational, or educational. It will always help them to remain in your circle.

Post when more number of your audience is active

Do you want more people to see your content? Obviously yes! We are creating content so that more people see your content. Now in order to get more eyes on your content, you have to post at right time. At right time I mean when more of your audience is active.

Now a question will arise in your mind, how will you know when more people are active on Instagram? Again to know about your audience. You have check your insights to know the most active time of your audience on Instagram.

Insights > Total Followers > Scroll Down to see the most active times as per hours and days

According to the Instagram algorithm, when you post content only 10% of your audience can see your content. If they engage with your content in the initial time then Instagram will understand that your content is powerful and it should reach more people. And that initial engagement is what we need and to get that we have to post when more people are active to see your content and engage.

Do not compromise with your graphics.

Many people take graphics for granted but it also plays a very big role to reach more people and get more saves. Whenever you choose your graphics colors and font choose it very wisely. It should be clearly visible.

Don’t make complex designs, keep your design very simple and sober. Simplicity always attracts people and your main focus is to share knowledge. So focus more on providing value and helping others with free content.

These were the things that will help you to grow more on Instagram daily. Do all these things consistently to get results faster and never forget to test and try new things in your niche and Instagram page.

Do you have proper branding graphics for your brand?

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