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My journey started during the lockdown period in 2020.

I was in 2nd year of college and I belong to a very creative college. My classmates were utilizing their time by creating beautiful art.

And I am so bad at arts and drawing, I was just wasting my time by watching series, and movies all the time.

Whenever I open my Instagram, I was feeling like s*** that everybody is utilizing their time and I'm just wasting it.

One of my classmates was just attending some random webinars and sharing the certificate on Instagram story. And I thought it was easy to do, I can attend some of the webinars and collect some certificates that will help me in the future (but I was so wrong- certificates don't matter what matters are your skills)
I did the same, I started attending some random webinars which are not helping me in any way but I was doing it for the sake of certificates.

While attending these webinars I got to know some new terms and concepts of digital marketing.

Digital marketing really excited me and I thought to learn more about it.

I enrolled myself in a digital marketing course and I started learning from there. But one thing was missing while learning digital marketing and that is the practical implementation.

I found my first mentor in digital marketing, he always used to say one thing if you want to become a successful marketer you need to implement things and you need to take action every single time.

I was really motivated by that mentor and I decided to take action.
Immediately the same night I created my first website.

It was my first investment and the first step toward the marketing industry. My first blog was about footwear as my traditional education is in footwear design. That is so much less content available on the internet when it comes to footwear So I thought I can get a great market to showcase my expertise or knowledge in the footwear industry.
I started publishing blogs but I was not getting any traffic on my website. As I was not getting any traffic my motivation was going down and then I decided I'm going to promote it badly and I did it.

I opened my Facebook and shared my blog link with each and every person in my friend list. Doesn't matter if I know that person or not.

I just shared my website link and told the person to leave their valuable comments. I did this for 3 weeks on Facebook and I decided let's move on to the next platform and which is Instagram.

I created a brand new Instagram page to promote my footwear blog and it was a huge failure. As I reshared my blog link so much on Facebook that Facebook blocked my blog link. And again I was not getting any traffic on my blog.

When I started Instagram to promote the footwear blog I also started following some of the digital creators I really love the work they were doing by providing knowledge to others and also working on some projects at the same time and earning good money for it.

I thought that I also want to do this. And immediately I created a new Instagram page named Digital Sneha. Here's the time when digital sneha was born.

I was learning marketing and also working on some practical projects to enhance my knowledge deeply. I started sharing content on digital marketing on my Instagram.

I was really new to this platform and it was a little bit difficult in the beginning because I was literally zero on Instagram. I just kept trying different things when it comes to graphics, editing, and posting whatever the outcome was!

Although the outcome was not very good at that time and as I was practicing it daily I was improving by 1% every single day.

I got 200 followers in the first month and in the second month, I achieved 1,000 followers (at that time having a thousand followers was also very huge for me).

I started working on some freelancing projects (as an Instagram Manager) and after a few months when I gained good knowledge about Instagram growth I also started coaching people.

I made Rs. 20,000+ while having 2000 followers on Instagram and in a couple of months I started hitting more than 1.5lacs/mn in revenue (without any degree or certificate, this is the power of social media)

I was a totally different person before starting this journey (Introvert- a person who doesn't know how to talk to others or how to start a conversation) And now I am a totally different and new person.

I love to connect with new like-minded people and talk about their journeys and life story.

This is my brand story, I hope you got inspired and are going to work towards your goal to achieve it.

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