Hey, I am Digital Sneha, an Instagram Coach. I help content creators and coaches to grow on Instagram organically and convert their followers into high ticket clients.

How do I establish myself as a coach?

Well I started my journey long back in August 2020. I started with digital marketing which is the macro niche and later on in my journey (after 1 month). I realised macro niche will not work. I have to go for a micro niche. As I was already doing blogging, I thought of choosing blogging as a niche. But whenever I was coming live and even in Instagram dm I was getting the same question about ‘How to grow on Instagram’. Boom I got my micro niche and am still into it.

When I started I was zero at Instagram, even though I hated Instagram when I was not a creator. I learned so many things from YouTube, Webinars, masterclass and courses. And gathering knowledge will not help you in any way. Until and unless you are not implementing and getting results for yourself. I got 200 followers in my first month, I know this is less. But this is when I was zero at Instagram. Second month, I gained my first 1000 followers. People crave for a year to get their first 1000 followers, but I did it in just 2 months. 

Now when I was having 1000s of followers my main aim was to monetize it. What if you have thousands of followers but you are not able to convert your followers into paying clients? I don’t think followers matter if you are not able to monetize your expertise. Those days, I was hearing the same thing again and again that if you are not able to monetize your Instagram in 1000 followers, you will not be able to monetize it in 10,000 followers. I was so disappointed that I have 2000 followers but still I am not able to make money out of it.  I thought everyone lies that they are earning a good amount of money and this is not true that you and monetize your Instagram.

That day a miracle happened, guess what? I got my first client. Yes, you heard right that day I got my first client. Just seeing my content and my result he was ready to pay me. I was a little nervous (full of self doubts). But I made the decision that I am going to do it. I earned Rs.20,000 with my 2000 followers. Doesn’t it sound great as a beginner? 

At that time I wanted to enroll in a program, in which I had to make an investment of Rs.15,000. I was so happy I made that investment of my hard earned money. Also I invested my rest money into my equipment like ring light, tripod and mic. 

I got my first client for freelancing work but I was not satisfied to work as a freelancer as I was always interested in being a coach. Guess what? I got my first 3 clients for my coaching. The people who invested in my program really loved it and I finally launched my high ticket coaching program.  

Today, I have more than 13,000 followers on Instagram and  programs which made my life easy peasy. 

Do you know I am still a student?

If I can do this… You can too.

Stop thinking and start taking actions

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