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Top 5 ways to grow Instagram in 2022

Instagram growth

Every one of us wants to grow our Instagram for different reasons. Some of you want to become an influencer, some want to start an online business, some want to build a strong brand and every one of us has a different reason to grow Instagram. One thing that is common in all of us is to gain a huge and active audience.

There are several ways one can grow on Instagram. Today, we are going to talk about the top 5 ways.

Some of them will be done only one time and it will help you in the long term.

Let’s start…

1. You don’t have a public account (Personal account)

There are 3 types of Instagram account

  1. Personal Account
  2. Creator’s Account
  3. Business Account

Personal Account is private accounts, the people who follow you can only see your content. You are not allowing new audiences to see your content.

While Creators and Business account are public account anyone can see your content and you are allowing a huge audience to see your content and engage with it.

There are several new and exciting features in these types of accounts like you can see your insights and make strategies according to that.

How to change Account type?

Go to settings> Account > Switch Account type > Done

Step 1
Srep 2
Step 3
Step 4

2. Having a confusing bio

Your bio is extremely confusing. It does not speak for you.

Whenever someone visits your Instagram profile. The first thing they see is your bio. If your bio is not crystal clear about you (what do you do, how you help your audience) they will get confused and leave your account without following and will also leave a negative impression of yours.

Instagram allows 150 characters in your bio. Use these 150 characters wisely.

You should have a niche statement that will describe you every time and also add a call to action (tell your audience what they have to do next, what next step is to be taken)

Adding a Call to action will help you to increase traffic on your different media.

3. Focus on branding

Branding is the process of giving meaning to a specific organization, company, product, or service by creating and shaping a brand in consumers‘ minds.

Branding elements include color, fonts, logo, images, etc. Each and everything you are doing is helping you to build a brand.

  • Choose a color for your brand ( color psychology plays an important role)
  • Select a font

Start being consistent on that. Once this branding is done, you will never get confused about what font or color to use, or how to design because you have given an identity to your self and people will start recognizing you with that.

Everyone do this mistake, in order to give a unique design we start changing the color and designs of each post. But the truth is you have to be consistent with your brand and that is your identity.

4. Start using reels

Reels are one of the best and faster ways to grow on Instagram. Instagram has done a great job in marketing analysis. Instagram observed that people love to consume short videos of 15- 30 sec.

When TikTok was banned that was the best time when Instagram took an action and launched reels, which are short videos.

Create 3-5 reels in a week and video quality should be maintained. Under video quality take care of lightings, audio, text, size, etc. Because quality is more important than quantity. If your video is not clear or your audio is not audible properly. No one is going to watch and if people will not see your content then what’s the point to create such content.

The best part which I can see on reels is you can create any type of content there. It may be educational, informational, entertainment. Usually, people watch reels are entertainment purposes. But you can make experiments, start experimenting with what your audience wants. In what type of content they are interested in because at the end of the day you create content for your audience only.

Also, add a call to action at the end of your reel so that new audiences don’t forget to follow you and you can make a huge amount of sales if the reel goes viral.

Many people start with the reel but they quit in a short period of time because they want results overnight. But my friends please be very clear nothing is gonna be overnight. You have to work hard to achieve your goals (to viral a reel). Start creating and experimenting with reels. If your first 10 reels didn’t go viral it really doesn’t mean that your 11th reel is not going to work, you never know when and which of your reel go viral.

PRO TIP: Try to post at least 1 reel every day and use the trending audios

5. Use 3-5 Relevant Hasgtags only

Hashtags have always played a very vital role in identifying the content.

Firstly we have to understand why do we use hashtags? We use hashtags so that we can segregate our content from others’ content. Let’s understand this with an example, there are 2 influencers one is a fashion blogger and another one is a food blogger. Now, whenever a fashion blogger posts any picture, he uses hashtags related to the niche, and whenever a food blogger posts something, he is not using any hashtags.

I am interested in fashion, now where I am going to search for it. Instagram is not a search engine so obviously, I will go to the hashtags section and search for the thing I am interested in. I can see the post of all the fashion bloggers.

But let suppose the influencer is not using any hashtags in their post, now new audience which they can get from a hashtag (Influencer is going to lose them).

Hashtags should be used in every type of content doesn’t matter it is a single post, carousel, reel, IGTV, or anything and for reels, we have some specific hashtags like #instagramreels, #reelkrofeelkro, #reelsofinstagram, #reelitfeelit, #trendingreels. These are some of the crucial hashtags specifically for the reels.

Instagram has given us the option to use 30 hashtags. Now many of you will do a mistake here, you will use all the 30 hashtags to get more reach but but but my friends. You don’t have to do this.

You have to research the most relevant hashtags for your page. The number of the most relevant hashtag can be 3, 4, 5, or maybe more than that but always use the relevant one.

If you will use irrelevant hashtags, you will confuse the Instagram algorithm and your content will not reach your target audience.

Hope this helped you 🙂

Instagram Instagram for Business Instagram for business

How to gain 10k followers on Instagram?

How to gain 10k followers on Instagram

Gaining 10k followers on Instagram is not that hard and fast rule.

It needs 2 most important thing

  1. Your Consistency
  2. Your patience

If you can do these things then growing on Instagram is so easy

Let’s go deeper on the steps to get your 10k followers on Instagram

Step 1 Have a clear niche

If you will share everything you know. You are always going to confuse yourself and your audience too.

Step 2 Know who is your target audience

You cannot help everyone and if you are helping everyone. You are helping no one.

Step 3 Create content that solves your ideal client problem

Now you know who is your ideal client, so give your 100% to solve their problem

Step 4 Be consistent in providing value

When you will provide consistent value to your audience, you will get a consistently positive response.

Step 5 Reply to DMs to build strong connection

Followers are just numbers. They are real people, help them & solve their problems and make a great connection with them.

Step 6 Post stories regularly to nurture your Instagram audience

Be personal on stories. Let your audience know the real you.

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Instagram Instagram for business

Why Instagram is the best platform for your business

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