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Before we jump on the call I thought that there’s something you need to know about me. Back in school, I dreamt to become a person whom everyone can follow and admire. But never know how to do it. I didn’t really know what I had to do to become that person.

While in the 3rd year of college (Designing) when lockdown started, I started learning digital marketing because I got to know. It has a lot of money. I completed courses and did some internships but was never happy with the results I got. It was not up to the mark. But one good thing came out of it.

I was introduced to the DIGITAL WORLD. This turned my life around. I started doing multiple things in digital marketing to understand what I actually wanna do and a few months later I did realize what I enjoyed doing.

In Nov 2020, I started freelancing as a social media manager and was barely earning $500/mn. But I realized that’s not it. I need something more. I wanted to join a program that was $5,000 in price. But I didn’t have any money so then I realized that money is never an issue it’s a mindset.

To get into this program I borrowed money from my father and raised it through my Instagram and I worked 14 hours a day to make this happen so that I can get into this program. And I did it!! It was an unbelievable achievement and we were able to raise that kind of money which was a big thing for us to do in such a short time.

And now over the last year, I’ve also coached clients 1:1 and the results that they get have been super fulfilling to me. That’s why I decided that it’s time to fully-fledged start the Coaching Business.

I now help coaches to scale their businesses to $5k/month.

That’s what I did! And now I want to help you guys do the same for you.

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Your Strategy Session Is Scheduled! You MUST Watch This ENTIRE Video Or You Will NOT be able to attend the call In this video we’ll cover.

# What To Expect On The Strategy Session?

# What To Expect On The Strategy Session?

#Is the investment worth it?

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See what pervious clients says..

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