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“This program helped me to get my first paid client. In week 2, I learned about the optimization and I optimized my account according to the instruction given by our mentor and only by changing the bio I got my first paid client. Each and every lesson of this program is very powerful. If you are one who wants to build your presence on Instagram and earn money. This program is much recommended “


“I was not having the clarity on how the thing works on Instagram. I was just creating content randomly but that was not helping me but after working with Sneha, I got a lot of clarity what mistakes I was making and what exactly should be done. “


Hi my name is Jherrel and I am attorney and life coach. Before this call I faced a lot of fear when it came to launching my coaching business page on Instagram. I wanted everything to be perfect so much so that I kept stalling and I struggled with the idea that I might make a mistake. Sneha helped me to understand that I needed to start where I was and with what I had understanding that mistakes will occur no matter what but that it was all part of the growing process. She dispelled the fear of me trying to be perfect and that I should just start. She also gave me coached me on creating and sustaining my IG page and optimizing the best strategies to achieve maximum output. The clarity and advice I received was far greater than I had expected.


Hello, Sneha. I'd be an ingrate if I do not share with you how insightful the session I had with you was. Although.. I have been doing to some extent very good at my page and building my brand on Instagram, I haven't been able to get much results from it. That was why I took advantage of your 1:1 coaching call. I must commend your professionalism during the call. You helped me get clarity on not just what I was doing wrong but also on what I should start doing right with practical and actionable steps. I am sure of hitting $5K/mo with what you shared. I'd definitely recommend you.. you are great at what you do. Thank you for the session. I am grateful. Coming back with a big bang testimony.