Ultimate Guide to Freelance Client Acquisition

Ultimate Guide to Freelance Client Acquisition

Many freelancers often struggle with pitching their skills to potential clients on Instagram.

Making a living as a digital freelancer is not easy these days. However, there are many freelance clients available on Instagram. But you need to know how to get more exposure and better growth.

Learn how to market your freelancing services effectively on Instagram. From building a strong brand and following to finding, attracting, and engaging clients.

✅ Greetings: Hey Name! Thanks for booking this call with me.

How’s your day going so far?
Have you had your lunch?

✅ Make clients your friend: Don’t pitch directly. Ask questions to understand their challenges and where they need your help specifically.

Clients should not feel like you are selling, whereas you are there to help them.

✅ Talk about results: Share results from your past work and tell a story of your past client from the same situation.

People remember stories more than anything else.

✅ Don’t give high hopes: Promise only that you can provide the results.

You can overdeliver but tell your clients the truth otherwise you may end up with a bad relationship.

✅ Be and talk real: Share with them the approximate time and result in they can expect from you.

Be real with the time of the result they will be achieving.

Are you thinking of starting freelancing in 2023 but don’t know how to pitch clients in the right way?

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